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Specialist Headache and Migraine clinic

Do you suffer from headache or migraine?
Do you want to live a life free of headache and medication?

Welcome to
Cairns Headache & Migraine Clinic

For the assessment and treatment of headache, migraine and their related symptoms.

CHMC uses the well established and researched Watson Headache Approach® and through skilled examination and assessment will demonstrate beyond doubt whether your neck is the reason you suffer with headaches. Cairns headache and migraine clinic (CHMC) has been established to treat long standing headache sufferers who have tried everything and failed to eliminate headaches.

The Watson Headache Approach® is now recognised internationally for its accuracy in diagnosis. Specific, skilled assessment and treatment has been shown to reduce, if not cease, headache within 5 treatment sessions. The Watson Headache Approach® is the only manual therapy technique shown to significantly desensitise the brain stem and affect the true cause of your headache condition.

Our dedicated team of specially trained therapists is here to relieve your headaches and migraines.

Julie Faulks
Julie FaulksLevel 1, 2 and 3 certified Watson Headache® Institute Practitioner.
B. App sc. Phty, 1979, Masters Health Sc (Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapy) 2001.
Accredited Level 1, 2 and 3 Watson Headache Approach, completed 2016.
Julie opened the Cairns Headache and Migraine in 2016 to meet a need in the Cairns community. Until recently, worldwide, there has been a lack of knowledge and accurate assessment tools in treating headache and migraine related issues. Having used many other treatment techniques to treat headaches in the past with varying success, it was not until Julie found the Watson Headache® ap-proach that she felt that she could confidently open the Cairns Headache and Migraine Clinic.
Julie first started treating headache and migraine using the Watson Headache® Approach in 2011. In 2016 she completed her full accreditation to be one of the first 30 practitioners in Australia treat-ing at this level. She has completed the Watson Headache® Institute (run by founder Dean Watson -www.watsonheadache.com) – Level 1, Level 2 and finally the Level 3 to become a Watson Head-ache® Certified Practitioner for headache treatments and uses this approach on her patients.

In private practice physiotherapy for over 30 years, and operating as a Cairns based physiotherapist for over 25 years, owner and operator of Proactive Physiotherapy, Julie Faulks has always believed that high quality, hands on assessment and treatment in a caring, friendly and professional manner is one of the most important services a physiotherapist can offer. She believes that good communication and education in self management techniques helps her clients gain ownership of their personal situation while allowing them to become proactive in the treatment of their own conditions to get better sooner. By developing a clear understanding of each client’s personal situation and lifestyle, and being interested and focussed on their goals and desires, Julie is able to then define and deliver specific and consistent treatments based around individual patient needs.

Julie’s desire to always give the patient the best possible result has resulted in 30 years of continuing education in order for her to remain updated on the best and most effective ways of delivering optimum results to each and every client.

Julie believes in a healthy, happy and balanced life and believes that leading by example is one of the best way to inspire her patients.

Emily Davies
Emily DaviesLevel 1 and 2 certified Watson Headache® Institute Practitioner.
Alway slooking to find the best means to treat her patients, Emily completed her Level 1 training with the Watson Headache® Institute and now works alongside Julie using this form of treatment to assess and treat headache and migraine related issues.

More about Enda…

Emily graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2014.

She commenced her career in Mackay where she worked in a private practice for 3 years. More recently she has moved to Cairns to settle down and be closer to family.

Emily started as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist however was introduced to women’s health physiotherapy very early in her career and has had a passion for the field ever since. She has undertaken extensive courses to expand her skill set in this area and alongside her musculoskeletal clients currently treats all sorts of bladder, bowel and pelvic dysfunction. She has a particular interest in treating pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction as she’s found that treating these patients is extremely rewarding.

Emily is an active public speaker who loves to provide education to the general public on pelvic floor issues so they are aware of both preventative measures and the options available to them in the event of dysfunction. Emily aims to provide a caring and patient centred approach to ultimately improve the quality of life of every patient she sees.

To make a booking with Emily please contact 4053 6222

If your headache is coming from your neck then you can be helped.

Are these your symptons?

A disturbance in the upper levels of your neck can cause some of the following symptoms:


  • tension headaches

  • migraine cluster headaches

  • neck pain

  • pain behind or in the eyes

  • jaw or ear pain

  • sinus pain and facial pain

  • nausea and vomiting

  • dizziness

  • sensitivity to light and sound

  • visual disturbances

  • watery eyes and nose

Our Approach

  • Demonstrates and confirms or rules out your neck as the source of your headaches

  • Provides relief for even for the longest history of headache and migraine sufferers.

  • Is effective for many different forms of headache.

  • Is hands on but does not involve any manipulation (cracking) of your neck

  • Uses skilful assessment and treatment to make a difference to your life and well being

A New Understanding Of Headaches

Knowing the cause of your headache and migraine will mean a new direction for your management.


Disorders of the upper neck have in the past been significantly unrecognised as the cause of your headache. Recent research has changed this perception and your neck can now be confirmed or ruled out as the cause, and assessment can also determine the level that is responsible.